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Website form integrated into your existing project and/or corporate website
One-click cross-project registrations
Automatic lower/uppercasing of registration data
Automatic assignment to selected sales reps
Auto-notification of registrants to any addresses
Personalized auto-email to registrant, user-updatable
Single form registration to multiple projects
Invisible spam guard avoids annoying human-checkers
Mobile registrations with separate format and Auto-Response
Facebook Registrations
VIP feature to focus on your VIP list.
Filter out SPAM registrations automatically.
Easy, powerful CRM. Works with minimal effort from you.
Work Prospects, Realtors and Purchasers (or any subgroup).
Quickly display recent registrants or any group.
Take notes, send emails, track activities, rank prospects your way.
Automate followup.
Detect and merge duplicates.
View summaries of prospect/purchaser demographics / preferences.


Genarate QR Code and add to your emails
Email format customized for your project
Send to any combination of projects and prospects/purchasers/agents
See reads, clicks, and attachment viewing for individuals and groups.
One-click available for cross-project marketing, with registrant-updatable info
Avoid duplicates, even during cross-project sending
Forward to a Friend
Review the latest prospect, purchaser, agent info anytime.
Automate prospect assignments to the sales team.
Limit viewing by assignment, or allow full access.
Notification of new registrations and assignments.
Track activity (assignments, emails out, emails in, phone calls, messages)
Up to the minute, Activity reports viewable by day/week/month
Quick, responsive assistance from the Intersoft Team
Customization available on short notice
Upgrades/Options database to make contract entry a breeze
Unlimited upgrades, deposits, subjects, commissions
Auto-reminders for Subjects and Deposits
Integrated Parking/Storage
Automatic tax/rebate calculations
Automated site map
Auto-followup tied to key dates
Multiple login roles and security levels
Outside agent sales tracking and reporting
Automatic Commissions calculations
Automatic Status Calculation (Available, Pending,Subject, Firm, Closed, Cancelled).
40 built-in, up to the minute, customizable reports.
View online, print or transfer to Excel/PDF.
Different formats and content designed for Sales, Marketing, Management, Construction, and Customer Service.
Designed by and for Canadian multi-family developers.
Customized reports available.